Weathered Landing's List of Some Awesome Hoyas

Weathered Landing's List of Some Awesome Hoyas

Here's a list of some amazing hoya varieties. From thin-leaved trailing hoyas to thick waxy climbing hoyas, there's bound to be a hoya variety that fits your style. Hoyas are ideal indoor houseplants because they are typically compact growers and don't take over your whole room (not that plants taking over is always a bad thing). This list will be updated with more hoya varieties and pictures of blooms over time!

Hoya Bella

This trailing hoya really prefers an airier soil mix and is native to India. Hoya bella is a fast grower and flowers readily once established. The flowers are clusters of white stars with a dark pink center. Their scent is delicate and sweet. 

Hoya Bella Variegata (Luis Bois or Inner Variegated)

The inner variegated variety of hoya bella shares many of the same characteristics as the all green version. However, the variegation on the leaves which initially come out looking orange or pink, fading to yellow, is very bright and striking.

Hoya Bella Variegata (Anneke Buis or Outer Variegated)

Another variation of hoya bella, with the variegation being on the outer section of the leaf, this is another gorgeous hoya with lots of visual interest.

Hoya Polyneura

Also known as fishtail or mermaid tail hoya because of the leaf's shape and veining, this hoya variety is a fast grower. It doesn't tolerate direct light as well as some other hoya varieties, and instead prefers bright indirect light. Originating in the Himalayas, it is a beautiful trailing hoya with stunning flowers as well.

Hoya Linearis

A soft and fuzzy trailing hoya that is very unique to the hoya genus. It has very delicate leaves with equally delicate white flowers. This hoya prefers to be on the drier side and really doesn't do well with soggy soil.

Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen

Hoya carnosa is the most common hoya variety, and krimson queen or carnosa tricolor is the outer variegated version. They are native to Asia and Australia. This hoya is a fast grower and has thick waxy leaves that can take some direct light. It produces pink flowers in ball-shaped clusters with a deeper pink-purple center.


Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess

Another hoya carnosa, the krimson princess has variegation on the inner portion of the leaf (inner variegated). This specific hoya carnosa krimson princess pictured has wider leaves than some other hoyas on the market.

Hoya Carnosa Krinkle 8

A cross between the regular hoya carnosa and the hoya compacta, this hoya does well climbing up a trellis or trailing. The thick, waxy leaves have dimples and the leaf folds in slightly. This hoya does best with direct light.

Hoya Australis "Lisa" (Inner Variegated)

This hoya is the inner variegated version of Hoya Australis, another common hoya. It was first discovered in Australia, where it likes to climb trees. The leaves start out red, turning a peach colour, and then fading to yellow on the variegated sections. The colours on this hoya are unparalleled and the pattern of the variegation almost gives the impression that it's been painted on. The hoya australis lisa has elegant, fragrant, white star-shaped flowers and this plant prefers some direct light.


Hoya Mathilde

A cross between hoya carnosa and hoya serpens, this hoya seems to have inherited the smooth, shiny leaves from hoya carnosa and the adorable round shape from hoya serpens. A fast grower once established, these small rounded leaves are very cute and make a stunning full pot. This hoya really likes to climb but can also be grown trailing down from a hanging pot.

Hoya sp. aff. Engleriana 'Vietnam'

Native to Vietnam, this hoya is a very fast grower and easy to care for- a must have for every hoya enthusiast! This hoya seems to be extremely resilient, not requiring direct light, high humidity, and does well with some neglect. The flowers are reminiscent of hoya bella blooms, but smaller and with a darker center.

Hoya Erythrina Nara

Native to Southeast Asia, this hoya is a climber and truly prefers a trellis to thrive and bloom. It's a very fast and easy grower, featuring the cutest, fuzziest yellow blooms with red centers. The leaves have quite the shine on them and can get bigger as the plant matures.

Hoya Thomsonii Pink

Originating from forests in Asia, the hoya thomsonii pink is a fuzzy leaf hoya with shiny, dainty pink flowers and white-yellow centers. The leaves are a dark green and are covered in tiny hairs that are especially noticeable on the new growth.

Hoya Patella Pink

Another fuzzy hoya with pink blooms, this hoya from Papua New Guinea truly appreciates higher humidity. This hoya blooms with a single 1 inch wide pink flower that look absolutely unreal.

Hoya Fungii

Hoya fungii has large slightly fuzzy leaves with some veining visible. It's a very fast grower and the flowers are similar to hoya carnosa varieties, with the flower colour being slightly lighter and the center being more of a red colour.

Hoya Surigaoensis 'EG'

A beautiful vibrant green hoya that can sun-stress to an incredible red colour in enough direct light. The leaves can also become quite large and the flowers are yellow.

Hoya Serpens

A cute and fuzzy small-leaved hoya that seems to have won over the hearts of many. This plant was first discovered in the Himalayas and will truly thrive in higher humidity. That being said, it can also do fine in average humidity as well. the flowers on this hoya are very fuzzy and are a pale green colour, with pink centers.


Hoya Heuschkeliana Variegata (Inner Variegated)

A real stunner, this hoya variety has small leaves with variegation on the inner portion of the leaf. The new leaves come out a beautiful pink-orange, fading to a bright yellow. It does well trailing, but many choose to trellis it. It's native to the Philippines and prefers indirect light. It blooms in small clusters with elegant, pink, spherical-shaped flowers.

Hoya Wayetii

A common hoya, this one is a slow-growing trailing plant with thick, dark green, long leaves. It's native to the Phillipines and prefers higher light, higher humidity, and an airy soil mix. The flowers are mauve and this particular hoya doesn't bloom as readily as some other hoya varieties.

Hoya Wayetii Variegata

The inner variegated version of hoya wayetii shares many characteristics. The variegation however, really gives it an additional pop. This plant is also a slow grower.

Hoya Kentiana Variegata

Before owning this hoya, the differences between hoya kentiana and hoya wayetii always felt very hard to tease apart. However, comparing them side-by-side made the differences clear. Hoya kentiana (in this case the inner-variegated version) has thinner, longer, and pointier leaves. Hoya wayetii leaves also tend to curl inwards more often, whereas hoya kentiana seems to have flatter leaves.

Hoya DS-70 (Sp. Aff. Burtonaie)

A hoya with soft, velvety, and small leaves with beautiful red blooms that smell like butterscotch. This hoya is native to the Phillipines and once established,  blooms readily.

Hoya Krohniana

Hoya krohniana comes from the Phillipines and has small heart-shaped leaves. This hoya blooms in clusters of white fuzzy flowers with a yellow center.

Hoya Krohniana Silver (Hoya Eskimo)

This hoya is a variation of the regular green version, where the leaf is almost completely silver. It has an incredible shine to it and requires higher light to encourage the silver in the leaves.

Hoya Rebecca

Hoya Rebecca is a cross between hoya lacunosa and hoya obscura. It's a fast grower and it has beautiful pink flowers with yellow centers.

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